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Előtanulmányok: Min. 270 credits all subjects and basic globals
Követelmények: Requirement type: mid-term mark Requirements: Project submission. Due to the current dean’s circular 1 personal consultation plus 1 online (single or team) consultation possibility is offered. The design diary must be continuously diarized about the design process. The course being based on consultation, continuous, real consultation is recommended throughout the semester!
Kredit: 26
Heti óraszám:
Tárgyfelelős: Bartók István DLA
Oktatók: Bartók István DLA
Nagy Iván DLA
Szabó Dávid DLA
Szécsi Zoltán DLA
Vasáros Zsolt DLA
Árva József DLA
Short description:
The subject will be fulfilled through the student’s work with the contribution of the department’s consultants. The progress is followed by consultations, the presentation and critics in public and studio work-conversation. The design program is chosen and elaborated by the student and accepted by the department. The plans of the establishment’s have to be completed m=1:100, or m=1:200 with constant consultation of the associate departments as follows:

Parts of the project to be completed:
1. Preliminary design 2. Final design
Diploma Project Studio T IP_2020_2021_1_schedule.pdf (407 kB)Time schedule of the course Diploma Project Studio T IP - BMEEPIPTD02 of Spring Semester 2019-2020/2
1.15th September 2020, Tuesday 9:00 am K 251 Introductory lecture 
2.1st October 2020, Thursday K 251 Deadline for approval of Diploma themes different from the ones offered by the department 
3.21st October 2020, Wednesday 9:00 am K 251 Preliminary design presentation due to schedule 
4.5th November 2020, Thursday 9:00 am K 251 Additional preliminary design presentation due to schedule (only for students, who did not pass the first presentation) 
5.11th December 2020, Friday 12:00 K 251 Submission of diploma projects 
6.18th December 2020, Friday 12:00 K 251 Late submission of diploma projects 
7.11th January 2021, Monday 12:00 K 251 Submission of final diploma projects for defense 
8.20th January – 2nd February 2021 (Wednesday to Tuesday) 9:00-  Diploma defense period 
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