About us

The Department for Industrial and Agricultural Building Design was established on 1st September 1950 as Department for Industrial Building Design.
The first head of the Department was professor Dr. Rados Kornél.
However teaching of economic building design on the Faculty goes back to earlier times.

The turn of the 19th and 20th century, the economic prosperity, the industrialization required the construction of many industrial and agricultural buildings.  In those days the plans of these were mostly designed by engineers graduated on the Technical University, but without special education. On the Technical University Sándy Gyula starts the course named: „Design and Structures of Industrial and Farm-Buildings” in the school-year 1915/16. During the events in 1919 plans were born to reform teaching on the Technical University as well. While reorganising the architects’ education the establishment of six new departments were set aside, among them the Department for Industrial and Farm-Building Design, under the leadership of Málnai Béla. The reform was blown by politics, however the teaching of the subject still remained. Abroad the era between the two World Wars generated the appearance and wide spreading of modern architecture. However in Hungary the architecture and architectural education of conservative mentality remained dominant. Some modernization began only in the period immediately before the war. The after-war restoration tasks, later the political turn brought significant change. The tasks grew, the number of students greatly increased.

Since the formation on 1st September 1950 the Department has been functioning on the actual place.
In the first years 4 hours of lecture and 10 hours of practice were held on the 4th year. The teaching team was formed, the first books and study-aids were prepared. Our predecessors have done a huge work.
In 1954 the name was changed to Department for Industrial and Agricultural Building Design. Also the teaching tasks have significantly expanded. After the retiring of professor Rados in 1969, Dr. Gábor László was the head of the department a for a year.
After 1970 the excellent, prestigeous previous director and senior engineer of IPARTERV (Company for Industrial Building Design) Dr. Szendrői Jenő became head of the department. Szendrői brought a new, practical mentality. The Department’s teaching team was completed by acknowledged architects arriving from IPARTERV. As part time job consultants they became popular tutors. The number of complex and diploma students entering the Department greatly increased.
After 1978 Dr. Harasta Miklós became the head of the department. Harasta has been working in the department since its formation. He was an extremely accurate, diligent, orderly person. 1982-89 he was the dean of the Faculty. 
From 1990 the new head of the department is professor Lázár Antal DLA. Lázár arrived from IPARTERV as acknowledged, great praxis architect. The base of today’s education system was developed during his activity. During his leadership the Department’s rejuvenation began with architects called from planning. 2002-2006 he was the dean of the Faculty.
From 2006 Koris János DLA associate professor became the head of the department. The introduction of present education program, the preparation for the two-step education process, began while his activity. Because of his illness he asked for retirement.
From 2008 Dobai János DLA associate professor is the head of the department.

Strength of our Department is the wide architectural praxis and education activity integrated with high degree technical skills. During the last 60 years – along the educational-scientific tasks – (as a result of the tasks) a special dual image of the Department has developed.
Architectural: based on the work of successful architect tutors with extended praxis whether in or outside the department.
Technical: that represents the comprehensive knowledge of establishments with complicated technology, complex (wide span) bearing structures and complicated building constructions and the integrated, determined and sober use of these.
This character is a serious value well connected to the tradition of the Technical University and the Faculty of Architecture merging the architectural and technical knowledge.